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A vision to disrupt and expand the Gem and Jewellery Market.

Industry First

The Opportunity

Collectibles - such as art, precious stones, and jewelry - are not within the purview of the U.S. securities laws. Such assets trade on closed, unregulated, auction-based markets and cater largely to the ultra-wealthy.

A clear path can be found to remedy this situation and one that meets the existing regulatory requirements but requires more adaption to turn evolution into the necessary revolution.


In an industry-wide first, FIX00 is issuing a utility token and this evolutionary step will showcase not only a collectible but importantly demonstrate the legal structure and security the real-world physical asset will be held in.


The collectible is fully insured and kept with a renowned secure depository where it will remain in perpetuity, complying with regulatory standards by ensuring it can never be sold; nor a profit derived from it.

Increase market transparency

Offering a free market alternative to the traditional closed auction-based market. Digitalisation will hasten disintermediation and price discovery but it can also assist greatly in the responsible sourcing of gems, and prevent illicit trafficking while promoting environmental good practices.

Markets & Token

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