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February 9, 2024

Investor, Audit & New Assets

Significant developments in our journey towards securing Fix00's future

Investor, Audit & New Assets

Investor, Audit & New Assets

We are thrilled to announce significant developments in our journey towards securing Fix00's future. Negotiations with a leading Tier 1 Blockchain Audit Company, poised to conduct a comprehensive security audit, are near completion.

This audit from a select group of Tier 1 suppliers is pivotal for our listing on top-tier exchanges. Upholding our commitment to security and meticulous preparation for Fix00's optimization, we aim to provide our investors with unparalleled assurance and attract new participants to our platform.

Moreover, we are delighted to welcome a seasoned investor with a proven track record in blockchain ventures. Their investment not only infuses capital but promises sustained growth, bolstering both existing products and future endeavors, including NFT initiatives.

In addition to these exciting developments, we are in the process of securing a very large new Ruby, with an unprecedented value. This milestone further underscores our dedication to expanding and enhancing the Fix00 ecosystem.

We are deeply grateful for your steadfast support throughout this journey. Though the process has been longer than anticipated, we believe that great achievements often require patience. We are poised to reach our target price in the near term.

Join us in spreading the word about Fix00. Your advocacy on social media and within your networks will play a crucial role in our continued success. Together, let's forge ahead towards a bright future for Fix00.

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