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About Fix00

FIX00 stands as a bridge between traditional investment wisdom and the limitless possibilities of the digital age.

FIX00 brings opportunities to the masses. Our platform empowers individuals globally, offering accessible investments in tokenized precious stones via fragmented ownership.

Our mission

At Fix00, our mission is to democratize investment opportunities, making them accessible to everyone. We aim to revolutionize traditional investment methods by providing a secure platform for tokenized assets, fostering financial inclusion worldwide. Through innovation and transparency, we empower individuals to build wealth and secure their financial futures

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Our vision

Our vision at Fix00 is to redefine the investment landscape, creating a seamless bridge between traditional and digital assets. We envision a world where individuals can easily invest in tokenized precious stones, leveraging technology to diversify portfolios. By upholding integrity, innovation, and inclusivity, we strive to be the global leader in democratized investment solutions, setting new standards for financial empowerment.

The story behind

Fix00 is founded by experts with more than 30 years of
experience in traditional finance, banking and marketing,
building companies in a range of industries.


Idea to create a real hedge against inflation.

Going from idea to concept, and from concept to the startup.


Preparations and securing of the first
asset, 5,4 KG Ruby worth $291M.

Development of the smart contract
and launching MVP on the first


More listings on exchanges.

Design of the NFT platform.


Our mantra

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FIX00 pioneers innovation. We bring new dimensions to investment by merging the timeless value of gems with the digital realm of cryptocurrencies.

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FIX00 champions inclusivity. We provide opportunities that bridge gaps, ensuring everyone, irrespective of their background, has access to wealth-building investments.

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Just as Prometheus empowered humanity with the gift of fire, FIX00 empowers individuals across regions to ignite their financial potential through inclusive investment opportunities.

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FIX00 respects the cultural significance of precious stones and jewelry, preserving tradition while introducing modern investment avenues.

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FIX00 seeks to create lasting impact. Our investments withstand economic changes, reflecting stability and propelling long-term financial growth.

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Fix00 champions innovation and set the standard in the crypto investment landscape. With a forward-thinking approach, Fix00 Team lead by example, constantly pushing boundaries and driving industry progress. Fix00 commitment to visionary leadership shapes the future of digital investments, inspiring trust and confidence among the community.