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Meet Senior Team

We are thrilled to welcome our senior team to the FIX00. Our team brings years of experience and expertise that will be instrumental in driving the project to success. We are confident that, together, we will create something special.


Lars Jermiassen

Lars has been a highly successful and diversified entrepreneur. He has more than 25 years of experience, focused primarily on finance, property, advertising, and most recently in PPE. Under Lars's innate leadership and creative verve, multiple new businesses have been created, flourished, and sold at premiums.

Gerard kavanagh

Gerard Kavanagh
Chief  Technology Officer

Gerard is a senior tech lead with over 20 years of experience in the banking, government, and retail sectors. He started his career with IBM, before becoming a freelance consultant focusing on the finance and banking sectors. He has been involved in several startups in e-commerce, voice and AI which included presenting at large tech conferences. 


Sebastiao Coelho
Chief Communications Officer

Sebastião has a 28-year international communication and PR career, having worked as a television news anchor in Portugal to becoming a diplomat at the United Nations in New York. As a business entrepreneur, he was in recent years been the CMO of an IT startup and grew fond of the Blockchain’s potential.


Fine Ranch
Art Director

Fine is a Senior Designer specialised in Graphic design, fashion manufacturing. 

She has in recently worked as head of design for international business relations in New Delhi. 

Fine has a very sharp eye for detail and Creative approach to Design and Art.


Maksim Zmitrovich
Chief Commercial Officer

Maksim is a highly skilled sales and marketing professional specialising in crypto and digital assets industry. Being involved in leading roles in many successful crypto projects since 2017, he possess his wealth of relevant experience and knowledge in developing digital assets projects. 

Brian Nielsen
Chief Financial Officer

Brian has more than 25 years of experience within the investment, asset management, structured finance, and accounting world. He has been a member of multiple advisory boards, LPAC’s and IRC’s for funds investing in renewable energy, private equity, infrastructure, and real estate, as well as other governance positions. 

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