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The world's first true hybrid of Real World Hard Assets, Art, and Blockchain.

Fix00 is proud to announce the launch of the world's most expensive NFT, which represents ownership of a multi-million USD Ruby, which will be displayed at a very renowned Museum

The NFT will be minted and presented in February 2023 as fragmented ownership and can be bought with USDT or by the FIX00 token at a discount.

The company, Fix00 Ltd, is based in London and has issued the utility token called Fix00, which is registered on the Tron Blockchain, TRC20.

The Ruby is valued at several hundred million USD and has been gifted to the NFT, at a highly discounted price.

Rubies of this size and rarity, along with gold and other precious metals and gems, have traditionally been used by the ultra-rich as a hedge against inflation and to secure funds.

Fix00 Token was listed in May 2022 for testing and viability control on the CEX,, and is currently trading at a low price of USDT 0.0034, 23 January 2023 21:00 UTC, but with an insurance value of USDT 291 million / USDT 0,03 per token, it provides an upside of 8,000% when trading at par (USDT 0,03).

The Fix00 token is being launched as a new listing on, Sunday 29 January 09:00 UTC.






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