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The circle of life (markets)

We are still seeing plenty of articles on the crypto implosion, its worthlessness, and rightly the pain it has inflicted on those least able to bare it. Invariably there are plenty of comments from worthy critics such as Taleb and Roubini regarding the likely death of the crypto experiment. This blog is not an attempt to paper over the grievous and frankly disgusting displays of avarice, idiocy and more pointedly duplicity and fraud in crypto. We have and will continue to be critical of areas we disagree with (BTC is not a store of value but a risk asset) and obvious red flag investments (if the return on offer is so how then the only way it is attainable is either through a Ponzi/fraud or extreme risk-taking .... wither way you should AVOID such offers). Today we will play Marc Anthony to Ceaser (crypto): "I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Caesar." The difference is crypto is not dead, though it has lost a limb or two! Vultures are circling, but this is no bad thing, its part of the circle of life (or rather markets). The following article, which we will leave readers to digest at their own discretion, is a case in point: Are Cryptocurrencies on Their Last Legs? Hedge Fund Managers Certainly Don’t Think So. ( "Thirty-two percent of hedge fund managers think that digital assets will offer the largest alpha-generating opportunity over the next three years, topping equities (18 percent) and fixed income (15 percent), according to the latest report from SigTech, a quantitative technologies provider. Twenty-three percent of hedge fund managers plan to dramatically increase their allocations to digital assets, while 60 percent plan to increase slightly."

The fact the US govt + regulators are beginning the process of regulation/guard rails in crypto tells us everything we need to know. Crypto is here to stay, how the Pheonix raises from the ashes and what directions it takes flight at yet to be established (or when for that matter). These are important and transformative times so we all need to stay alive to developments. We continue to see digital ownership (NFTs) as a crucial and high-growth arena not just for us but crypto investors, consumers, and importantly, asset holders too.

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