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Speculative asset vs store of value

This will be short & sweet today. Basically an excuse to repeat our punchline. So first the aspersion, care of Nouriel Roubini:

And now to the same(and pertinent) punchline as yesterday: Don't be upset about the dig at cryptocurrencies, being a zealot about an investment is not a road to success but can be a highway to poverty - we should always look to challenge our views, to stress test them (which is one of the more useful takeaways from the above article). What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger! We are obviously fans of the space, and we see huge growth, innovation, and interaction. Sure there will be fallout, there always is in such dynamic spaces, and it's actually a very healthy trait. One thing we have consistently said whether it be in these blog commentaries, or our WP, is that cryptocurrencies have proved thus far to be an excellent speculative asset, and that is not a derogatory comment, especially when the interconnectedness and utility of the cryptoverse is growing so strongly. The trend is your friend, and things are only going to continue to move from the tangible to the digital. However, there is no proof that cryptocurrencies represent a store of value, a non-correlating (highly portable) hedge. We have now changed that dynamic forever ..... FIX00 is digitalising real-world rubies, proven stores of value for centuries, and offering them to the public via our utility token and importantly our forthcoming F-NFT platform which allows for the ownership and transfer of their value. These unique assets should be an important part of your defensive armour as volatility and downside risks increase. All aboard the Digital Ruby train ...... Whoo, Whoo ....... leaving platform one on May 6th ..... All aboard!

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