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Simon Joins Fix00, Asset-Backed Token Ecosystem

A Visionary marketing guru heads up the FIX00 Marketing Team!

Lisbon, Portugal - August 14, 2023 – Simon Mikolajczyk, a seasoned and adept marketing director, is making waves once again as he becomes a part of the revolutionary asset-backed token ecosystem, Fix00. With over 12 years of hands-on experience spanning diverse sectors, from lifestyle to technology and finance, Simon's influence continues to redefine the business landscape.

Throughout his journey, Simon has left an indelible mark on groundbreaking projects, including his roles at Finiata, Spielworks, and Colossyan within the fintech, blockchain, and AI fields. His visionary approach and innovative spirit have consistently set him apart. Simon's brainchild, MaisonDAO, is yet another testament to his entrepreneurial prowess. MaisonDAO is a web3 collective that orchestrates captivating digital fashion shows during high-profile events.

Fix00, the asset-backed token ecosystem that Simon has now joined, introduces a unique concept. The Fixed Asset Token (FIX00) holds a remarkable 5.4 kg, 16,200-carat rough natural ruby – a precious gem of unparalleled significance. Unlike any other token, FIX00's value is intrinsically tied to this precious stone, serving as a collector's dream and a testament to the potential for innovation in the digital realm.

With the collectible gem safely stored in a renowned secure depository, Fix00 ensures perpetual ownership while adhering to regulatory standards, making sure it cannot be sold or profit derived from it.

Simon's enduring journey is characterized by his fusion of experience, expertise, and a forward-looking zeal. His contributions continue to shape the trajectory of various industries, leaving an indelible mark wherever he ventures.

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