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Change of the guard at Fix00

Updated: Feb 9

Staffan Erfors appointed as the new CEO of Fix00.

Succeeds Sebastião Coelho, who is staying in the Company as the new Chief Communications Officer.

Changing of the guard will take place as of 17 January 2023.

Staffan Erfors has more than 25 years of experience within the media industry.

He has been Editor-in-Chief for Metro Sweden, at the time Sweden's largest daily newspaper, as well as Editor-in-Chief for, a site for the Financial Industry. Staffan has also been the program manager for Viasat TV3, both in Sweden and in Hungary.

For the last four years, Staffan Erfors has built his own business within the communication and PR industry. Staffan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and was an officer in the Swedish Armed Forces.

He succeeds Sebastião Coelho, who will become the new Chief Communications Officer at Fix00.

Sebastião’s commented his new assignment by saying: ‘I am looking forward to my new duties since my work with Fix00 communication around our company has been a cornerstone and I look forward to being able to focus even more on that.’

Sebastião Coelho has a 28-year international communication and PR career, having worked as a television news anchor in Portugal to becoming a diplomat at the United Nations, in New York. As a business entrepreneur, he was in recent years the CMO of an IT startup and grew fond of the Blockchain's potential.

‘It feels both safe and fun to me that Sebastião will remain in the company. This is teamwork and I will be very pleased with Sebastião's experience and ability’ says Staffan Erfors.

Fix00’s founder, Lars Jeremiassen, expressed his views on both members of the team:

‘I want to express my gratitude for Sebastião’s work as CEO in the beginning of building the company, and I am very excited about Sebastião’s continued support in the further development of the company’.

Regarding the new man at the helm, Lars said that ‘Fix00 is very fortunate to have Staffan Efors join the company as our new CEO. With his experience and talent, we will see a large growth and development of the company, including our new offices in the Middle East and Europe.’

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