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Laying down the law

The National Review is out with an article discussing the issue of crypto regulation, which we will let you dear reader consume at your leisure: A Virtual Regulation for Cryptocurrencies

The thrust of the article is that the thorny crypto regulation issue is unresolved and clearly needs to be resolved as we have often stated. NFTs on the other hand, have legal standing, with smart contracts being recognised in a growing number of both cases and countries. The framework of legal digital ownership & thus the guard rails to protect consumers are being built in front of our eyes. This nascent market is already light years ahead of cryptocurrencies & crypto-finance in this all-important field, and the gap is only increasing. Naturally offering asset-backed NFTs we are delighted with these developments but we want a lot more and ASAP - and an improvement in how you, the consumer, can protect these assets as u acquire them. As Prof Scott Galloway noted:

"Why has crypto abandoned trustlessness? Well … trustless doesn’t work. Last year $2.2 million worth of NFTs were stolen on NFT marketplace OpenSea. A truly trustless model would render those NFTs unrecoverable — but that’s unfair, so OpenSea took the trust route and froze the transactions." We have contract law so we don't have to rely on trust. Instead when there is a contract in place things happen in the way they should and trust is built throughout the transaction. Trust is built on certainty, not uncertainty. FIX00 is answering the call - protection, innovation, and deliverability

For a short overview of the FIX00 project 🙂 please use this link: The Start of something new

If you still have questions, we are happy to have you join us. We take great pride in our company and the revolutionary change it heralds. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information or have further questions:: Contact Us

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The future is filled with promises for us all. We're glad you're with us.

We look forward to growing together:

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