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Above and beyond

The phrase "above and beyond" is defined as giving extra effort, especially in a way that exceeds expectations and demands. We believe the FIX00 project and its NFT offerings do exactly that. "Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought." -- Albert Szent-Györgyi (1893 - 1986) FIX00 is doing exactly that with its NFTs - fractionalising a real-world store of value, making it inclusive not exclusive via affordable pricing. We also dare to see a future of luxury products trading in open not closed, auction-based markets. A time of true PRICE DISCOVERY and an end to cartels controlling these markets, countries, and asset holders.

As we are to write ... FIXOO is the anti-christ of Tether, they refuse to open their books and give transparency to their liquid holdings, their assets. Accordingly, there is doubt, and words are not enough (trust is earned in bear markets, not given). FIX00 is all about transparency, you can verify our ruby, its insurance, its history and assessment, the depository holding the collectible, etc We have a UK company, which means absolute rule of law and transparency of detail - most crypto projects hide in low jurisdiction offshore centres, where transparency is a dirty word. We have nothing to hide, we do not deal in promises we deliver assurity because our community and consumers deserve nothing less. Particularly in this era of doubt. We ensure there are no hidden costs for consumers, we cover the carry (the cost) of holding the real-world asset - the rubies - paying their depository and insurance costs in perpetuity. Who else does that in either the real or virtual world (Spoiler alert - No one). We have real skin in the game, real commitment, and real assets. That is why FIX00 is not just different, but a lighthouse in a sea of mediocrity.

For a short overview of the FIX00 project 🙂 please use this link: The Start of something new

If you still have questions, we are happy to have you join us. We take great pride in our company and the revolutionary change it heralds. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information or have further questions:: Contact Us

If you don’t want to miss out and are ready to buy NOW, please CLICK here: Coinsbit

The future is filled with promises for us all. We're glad you're with us.

We look forward to growing together:

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