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The Collectible

Fixed Asset Token (“FIX00”) owns and holds a 5.4 kg, 16,200 carats, rough natural ruby, that is not only a unique collectible but one of the four major precious stones (the others being diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds). FIX00 is the first token whose value is directly tied to a gem of this kind.

The collectible is fully insured and kept with a renowned secure depository where it will remain in perpetuity, complying with regulatory standards by ensuring it can never be sold; nor a profit derived from it 

Shape: Rough

Variety: Natural Ruby

Carat: 16,200

Transparency: Semi-Translucent to Opaque

Weight: 5.40 Kilograms

Measurements: 18.72 x 14.50 x 12.91

The Ruby can be verified using the GIA report in the below link and entering the Report number: 2185151040

GIA Link

Insurance value and certificate can be verified by the GTD, GIA number can be found here to match the GIA report. 

Ruby Market

Rubies are a strongly branded luxury item and an aspirational product. Adoption by new generations, and markets (especially Asia) are driving underlying demand. Gemstone Education reports that rubies of high purity have exceptionally high value due to their rarity--in some cases, they can fetch prices higher than diamonds. Gem-quality rubies are significantly rarer than diamonds, the onlyexception being coloured diamonds (Source: Gemstone Education).

Precious stones, like precious metals, have been a good store of value for centuries.


A rare and fine gemstone represents an excellent and highly portable repository of value. As the affluent and prudent have always understood, gems act as a hard asset, non-correlating hedge against crisis, financial repression, inflation and the vagaries of fiat currencies.

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